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SFP+ Cable


MSA SFF-8431
Supports serial data rates up to 10Gbps
Low cost alternative to fiber optic assemblies
Low power consumption
Enhanced EMI suppression
24AWG through 30 AWG cable available
Pull-to-release retractable pin latch design
Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C
3.3V power supply voltage
RoHS 6 compliant


Part No. Data Rate Type Maximum Reach Download
MSPP-10G-005 10Gbps Passive 0.5m
MSPP-10G-01 10Gbps Passive 1m
MSPP-10G-03 10Gbps Passive 3m
MSPP-10G-05 10Gbps Passive 5m
MSPP-10G-07 10Gbps Passive 7m
MSPP-10G-10 10Gbps Passive 10m
MSPP-10G-12 10Gbps Passive 12m
MSPA-10G-01 10Gbps Active 1m
MSPA-10G-03 10Gbps Active 3m
MSPA-10G-05 10Gbps Active 5m
MSPA-10G-07 10Gbps Active 7m
MSPA-10G-10 10Gbps Active 10m
MSPA-10G-15 10Gbps Active 15m
MSPA-10G-20 10Gbps Active 20m
MSPA-10G-25 10Gbps Active 25m


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