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Single or dual Fiber Bi-directional Transmission
Single or dual SC,FC or ST Connector
Industry Standard 1x9 Footprint
Single +3.3 or 5V Power Supply
PECL Differential Inputs and Outputs
PECL/LVPECL or TTL/LVTTL Signal Detection Output
Fully Compliant with ITU-T G 957, G958 Specifications
Eye Safety Meet Laser Class 1,Compliant with IEC60825-1 Operation Temperature Range 0~70℃ or -40~85℃
RoHS-6 compliant


Part No. Package Data Rate Wavelength Source Distance Connector Download
M1X9-155M-SX 1X9 155Mb/s 850 FP 2km SC
M1X9-155M-LX 1X9 155Mb/s 1310 FP 15km SC
M1X9-155M-LHX 1X9 155Mb/s 1310 FP 40km SC
M1X9-155M-ZX 1X9 155Mb/s 1550 DFB 80km SC
M1X9-622M-SX 1X9 622Mb/s 850 FP 2km SC
M1X9-622M-LX 1X9 622Mb/s 1310 FP 15km SC
M1X9-622M-LHX 1X9 622Mb/s 1310 FP 40km SC
M1X9-622M-ZX 1X9 622Mb/s 6220 DFB 80km SC
M1X9-1.25G-SX 1X9 1.25Gb/s 850 FP 2km SC
M1X9-1.25G-LX 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1310 FP 15km SC
M1X9-1.25G-LHX 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1310 FP 40km SC
M1X9-1.25G-ZX 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1550 DFB 80km SC
M1X9-155M-D20 1X9 155Mb/s 1550 DFB 20km SC
M1X9-155M-U20 1X9 155Mb/s 1310 FP 20km SC
M1X9-155M-D40 1X9 155Mb/s 1550 DFB 40km SC
M1X9-155M-U40 1X9 155Mb/s 1310 DFB 40km SC
M1X9-1.25G-D03 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1550 FP 2km SC
M1X9-1.25G-U03 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1310 FP 2km SC
M1X9-1.25G-D20 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1550 DFB 20km SC
M1X9-1.25G-U20 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1310 FP 20km SC
M1X9-1.25G-D40 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1550 DFB 40km SC
M1X9-1.25G-U40 1X9 1.25Gb/s 1310 DFB 40km SC
M1X9-155M-CXX80 1X9 155Mb/s CWDM DFB 80km SC


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