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Support Multi Protocol from 9.9Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s
Duplex LC or Single LC Connector
2-wire Interface for Management and Diagnostic Monitor
XFI Electrical Interface with AC Coupling
Hot Pluggable 30 pin Connector
Compliant with XFP MSA
Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE
Compliant with 10G FC
Compliant with SONET OC-192 / SDH STM-64
18-Wavelength CWDM 1270 nm to 1610 nm Available
DWDM 100GHz ITU Grid C Band Available
Single Fiber 1270/1330 Bi-di Available
Operation Temperature Range 0~70°C
Low Power Dissipation


Part No. Package Data Rate Wavelength Source Distance Connector Download
M10GB-XFP-SR XFP 10.3125Gb/s 850nm VCSEL 300m LC
M10GB-XFP-LR XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1310nm DFB 10km LC
M10GB-XFP-ER XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1550nm DFB 40km LC
M10GB-XFP-ZR XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1550nm DFB 80km LC
M10GB-XFP-COD XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1550nm DFB 120km LC
M10GB-XFP-C10 XFP 10.3125Gb/s CWDM DFB 10km LC
M10GB-XFP-C40 XFP 10.3125Gb/s CWDM DFB 40km LC
M10GB-XFP-C80 XFP 10.3125Gb/s CWDM DFB 80km LC
M10GB-XFP-C120 XFP 10.3125Gb/s CWDM DFB 120km LC
M10GB-XFP-D40 XFP 10.3125Gb/s DWDM DFB 40km LC
M10GB-XFP-D80 XFP 10.3125Gb/s DWDM DFB 80km LC
M10GB-XFP-D10 XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1270nm DFB 10km LC
M10GB-XFP-U10 XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1330nm DFB 10km LC
M10GB-XFP-D20 XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1270nm DFB 20km LC
M10GB-XFP-U20 XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1330nm DFB 20km LC
M10GB-XFP-D40 XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1270nm DFB 40km LC
M10GB-XFP-U40 XFP 10.3125Gb/s 1330nm DFB 40km LC


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