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Duplex LC or Single LC Connector
2-wire Interface for Management and Diagnostic Monitor
Single 3.3 V Power Supply
Compliant with SFP+ MSA
Compliant with 8G FC
Support Multi-rate for 8G/4G/2G FC
Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE
18-Wavelength CWDM 1270 nm to 1610 nm Available
DWDM 100GHz ITU Grid C Band Available
Single Fiber 1270/1330 Bi-di Available
Low Power Dissipation
Operation Temperature Range 0~70°C
RoHS-6 Compliant


Part No. Package Data Rate Wavelength Source Distance Connector Download
M10GB-SFP-SR SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 850nm VCSEL 300m LC
M10GB-SFP-LRM SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1310nm VCSEL 2km LC
M10GB-SFP-LR SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1310nm DFB 10km LC
M10GB-SFP-ER SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1550nm DFB 40km LC
M10GB-SFP-ZR SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1550nm DFB 80km LC
M10GB-SFP-UR SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1550nm DFB 100km LC
M10GB-SFP-C10 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s CWDM DFB 10km LC
M10GB-SFP-C40 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s CWDM DFB 40km LC
M10GB-SFP-C80 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s CWDM DFB 80km LC
M10GB-SFP-D40 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s DWDM DFB 40km LC
M10GB-SFP-D80 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s DWDM DFB 80km LC
M10GB-SFP-D10 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1270nm DFB 10km LC
M10GB-SFP-U10 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1330nm DFB 10km LC
M10GB-SFP-D20 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1270nm DFB 20km LC
M10GB-SFP-U20 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1330nm DFB 20km LC
M10GB-SFP-D40 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1270nm DFB 40km LC
M10GB-SFP-U40 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1330nm DFB 40km LC
M10GB-SFP-D80 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1270nm DFB 80km LC
M10GB-SFP-U80 SFP+ 10.3125Gb/s 1330nm DFB 80km LC


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