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Tunable XFP DWDM


Supports 9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s transmission
Client side and Line side loopback functions
XFP MSA compliant form factor connector
XFI electrical interface compliant
Hot-pluggable XFP footprint
80km MZM Tunable TOSA
Supports 50GHz ITU-based channel spacing (C-Band)
Cover 80 ITU-based channel
With wavelength locker function, wavelength precision about 0.02nm
-300 to +1600 ps/nm Dispersion Tolerance
Power Dissipation < 3.5W
I2C interface for diagnostic monitoring
Operation Temperature: -5~70°C
RoHS 6 Compliant

Modulelink XFP tunable series optical transceiver is a high performance and cost effective XFP transceiver modules designed for 10G SDH/SONET, 10G Ethernet DWDM fiber optic transmission applications, designed to support the full range of C-band ITU-T wavelengths data rates from 9.95Gbps to 11.3Gbs and distances up to 80km.
This transceiver contains both transmit and receive sections. An MZM, (C-band tunable laser with a wavelength locker) a laser driver and the supporting circuits constitute the transmit path while an APD ROSA, a post amplifier and the supporting circuits form the receive section. A microcontroller handles the communications between the module and the host board as well as the control and monitoring functions for both transmit and receive sections. A Clock and Data Recovery circuit (CDR) functions for both transmit and receive.
The transceiver module is fully compliant with the XFP MSA standard and can be hot-plugged into the 30-pin XFP connector on the host board. By limiting inrush currents, the device will not disturb the operations of the host board. The high-speed electrical interface is fully compliant with the XFI standard, providing transmission paths for the 10G signals.
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