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If you have any questions about us or our products, please just feel free to contact us:
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Shenzhen Modulelink Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of optical
network products in China and it designs, makes and sells all optical network products all by itself.

Modulelink has done a lot of work in well-known media about its products,
technology, service etc. since the year of 2005.

As Modulelink is growing fast and has enjoyed much good comments in the intern-
ational marketing, now more and more companies are interested in starting
good and successful cooperation with it.

Meanwhile, Modulelink is open to appoint reliable distributors around the world. The distributor can not be qualified if without the following advantages:

>To be totally independ on finance and own good sales team.
>To be able to provide legal and valid VAT invoice for his customers.
>To be able to offer essential technology support and consulting services to its

>To be sensitive in the marketing and response promply on any problems or complaints from his customers.

>To be well experienced in dealing with optical network projects and have sales channel about network communication products.

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