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    Modulelink (shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd was established in Shenzhen, China. The products data rate below 2.5G was developed and tested. Modulelink obtained the right of export to overseas countries and optimized its production base, including R&D production, testing center and aging room etc. and got the certificate of ISO9001.
    To put 2.5G series GBIC, SFP modules into market and Developed all the BI-DI,CWDM series with DDM function. Annual sales revenue reached 90 million RMB. The certificate of CE and RoHs were successfully released to us in this year.
    X2, XENPAK series modules were successfully put into market and started the technical break-through of X2 CWDM and Xenpak CWDM. Modulelink became one of the 10G leading manufacturers in China.  Meanwhile, we got another certificate of FC in Sep., 2009.
    Further production of 10G series and we put 40KM ER X2 and XENPAK, CWDM and Xenpak CWDM into market. In November, XFP, SFP+ SR, LR were put into mass production.
    The product line of 10G series come to be full, including SFP+ CWDM/DWDM, XFP CWDM/DWDM, X2 CWDM/DWDM. We developed quite some new products as well, like CWDM MUX/DEMUX, SFP+ Cable etc..
    To make the break-through of more new products, including 40G QSFP, etc., Modulelink became the earliest manufacturer of 40G QSFP modules in China. Meanwhile, it expanded more products for sale based on its customer's request, like GPON, EPON, media converter, patch cords etc..
    Successfully developed out 100G series, including CFP2-LR, CFP2-ER, CFP-LR, CFP-ER and QSFP28 transceivers. Also started to put 40G DAC Cables, 40G AOC Cables and 100G AOC Cables to the market for sale. Up to the end of 2016, Modulelink transceivers line fully coverd from all types of modules ranging from the rate of 155M to 100G optics.
Modulelink started to move from 100G to 200G/400G, and data center evolution has many different paths. Modulelink's unique PSM (Parallel Single-Mode) product line serves one of the low-cost optical interconnects path. The Modulelink PSM product line includes 40G PSM4, 100G PSM4 and 200G PSM8 optical transceivers based on the NRZ encoding format (cost reduction). Meanwhile, Modulelink has made a big breaktrough to develop 400G technology for telecom and intercom industries.
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