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This product operates a 10km transmission over single mode fiber.


The QSFP long haul transceiver uses 1270nm,1290nm,1310nm and 1330nm 4 wavelength to transmit under a 10G modulating signal, and multiplex the signal into one optical signal for customer’s network. Meanwhile, this module can also de-mux internally the optical signal into the above 4 wavelengths. This product is compliance with IEEE802.3ba standard , InfiniBand structure version 1.2.1, QDR standard, QSFP MSA and SFF-8436 etc.


It is designed to support over singlemode fiber system using four 10Gbps CWDM channel in 1300 band. Which is based on two LC connectors for optical connectivity and supports 40Gbps data rate links of up to 10km.

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