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                            Modulelink explored out new generation SFP+ with different features
1. Improved cooling design, optimized for EML laser temperature locking method, to make sure that the products stablity in a wide temperature range .
2. To follow the ITU-T standard, and comply with 10G SDH/OTN/CWDM/DWDM optical interface specifications, fully support for telecommunications applications, and also are compatible with 10G Ethernet optical interface requirements.             
3. The standard length of the package, fully comply with the SFP+ size requirements that the SFF-8432 asked,which ensure the module uniform on the appearance
4. Built-in CDR is optional,which obtained the best balance point for customers in the performance and cost .
5. Excellent eye diagram signal quality, the whole temperature range SDH eye template allowance reach up to more than 25%, Ethernet eye template allowance can be up to more than 50%.
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