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Leading GPON products supplier, Genexis have taken its first step towards manufacture of GPON products in India by setting up a Research and Development center in Gurgaon, Haryana State. With this move Genexis becomes the first company to initiate manufacture of GPON products in India. GPON products have been supplied to Indian telecom projects from outside. The new government at the center strongly push for a Make in India initiative and has been focusing on Digital India drive. With a vision to support Indian government’s policies, Genexis have taken steps to support manufacture in India and invest in India.   The vision of Digital India “Power to Empower" is based on three key vision areas: Digital Infrastructure, Governance and Service on Demand and Digital empowerment of Citizen, where the Digital infrastructure is the most important part of the mission, as this will create the Core “Heart” of the future Digital India backbone supporting various services across India. 
Managing Director of Genexis India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Paritosh Prajapati said: “Currently we are seeing a major transformation of the telecommunications providers' means to deliver services to end-users, as residential and business consumers. This phenomenon is being reinforced by two technologies: Internet protocol (IP) and optical fiber. Today, the technology is available to provide voice, video, and data services over a common protocol IP, where carriers are finding that deploying the fiber all the way to the customer enables network future-proofing, maximizes the symmetrical bandwidth throughput of a carrier's access network, provides for network reliability, significantly reduces operating expenses and affords enhanced revenue opportunities.  The industry today refers this technology as FTTH (Fiber-To-The home), and this technology will run a major part of the long-term growth of India.”   Under Digital India, The Indian Government plans to spend INR 1.13 Trillion (approx.. 17.12 billion USD) in the next 3-5 years to provide Internet connection to all citizens. The plan is likely to create over 1.17 million direct and 85 million indirect jobs. 
India's broadband story so far is Low Penetration: India has approximately 191 Million narrowband subscribers and 61 Million Broadband Subscribers, against a target of 175 million, which was targeted as per the National Telecom Policy (NTP) in 2012. The NTP 2012 was set to transform telecommunications in India for new digital era, where one key recommendations of the policy was to increase minimum broadband speed to 512kbps and subsequently to 2 Mbps by January 1st 2015.   Genexis have taken a larger steps to support Digital India current and future demands: First step was a local Research & Development (R&D) center that started in March, 2015 at our new office in Gurgaon (Haryana). With the R&D setup we plan to support the market with direct support to increase our vision of quality products.  Second step is to support Make in India, where our major focus in technology transfer to ensure European quality products complying with International standards. FTTH is a long-term solution where we believe in product that can support the future requirements with smooth expansions for future, without major reinvestment to support the current business models of low Capital investment.  India has currently moved up to 7th position as the most valued nation in term of brand value (Source:   With the latest developments in Indian telecom market and policy changes at the government level, Genexis see a clear value of promoting Make in India by maintaining highest quality. Digital India drive will boost telecom market growth in India. Genexis also has a vision of re-invest in India by supporting Make in India initiative. 
Genexis will be present at the Convergence India, 20–22nd January, 2016 (Stand: B123) where the first model of Make in India that has a patent design and concept built for India will be published. 
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