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                     New break-through About Reliability of Modulelink 100G Optical Transceiver
Modulelink announced that Modulelink 100G QSFP28 SR4 and LR4 optical transceiver had passed the strict double-85 verification test in reliability and had had an important break-through in the date of 2017-5-20.
Modulelink 100G series optical modules have been in mass production in the beginning of Feb., 2017, and in Apr., 2017, a high-class and dust-free plant covering 2000 square meters and used to expand the production of 100G. Meanwhile, Modulelink 100G QSFP 28 ER4 has also passed a series of tests in reliability. Its test datum shows that the variation range of product parameter is within 1d, conformed to the traditional cognition to reliability.
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