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                                 Big price adjustment about low cost transceivers made by Modulelink in Sep., 2017
As the leading global manufacturer of optical transceivers for around 13 years, Modulelink has been the major supplier of low cost transceivers in the domestic market placed high priority on the reduction of cost and power consumption of data center 1G/10G. 
Modulelink has made substantial progress both in cost management and the ability of mass production. Simultaneously, Modulelink has greatly enhanced the price competitiveness via comprehensive approaches such as self-developed optical engine and IC, introduction of automatic packaging equipment and seeking strategic assistance of suppliers. 
Modulelink major clients purchasing high-speed optical transceivers and AOC in 2017 can fully recognize the outcomes of Modulelink efforts. The goal of Modulelink in 2017 is to reduce the cost of optical interconnection parts when the quality is guaranteed. Over the past three years, the sales about low cost transceivers in Modulelink has greatly grown up after this big adjustment in 2017.
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