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Customer / Buyer must obtain a valid Return Material Authorization ("RMA") number from Modulelink for all products returned.

RMA will be proceeded in accordance with the following terms and conditions:


1. Customer / Buyer must provide all information as required by Modulelink for all returns, i.e. location of product, reason for return, purchase order number, etc..


2. RMA is valid for twenty (20) calendar days from the date of issuance.


3. Customer / Buyer must allow for intransit time of products to be returned to Modulelink, as Modulelink must physically receive the products within the twenty (20) calendar days.


4. RMA will be issued for authorized returns under one of the following categories: (i) defective Products, (ii) billing or shipping discrepancies, (iii) misshipment, or (iii) damaged Product.


5. Customer / Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the RMA number is clearly visible on the address label of the product packaging when it is returned.


6. Modulelink will refuse delivery of any boxes without a valid, clearly visible RMA number as noted above.


7. Overgoods are unauthorized returns. Any products received by Modulelink (i)without a valid RMA number, including product shipments refused by the Customer except those damage in transit from Modulelink to Customer or from Modulelink to customer, (ii) later than twenty calendar (20) days from the RMA date, or (iii) in a condition unsuitable for resale
(excluding defective Products), will be considered Overgoods.


8. Modulelink will return Overgoods to the Customer or the Buyer, and will charge a $50 processing fee per shipment plus related freight charges. If Customer or Buyer refuses the shipment of Overgoods from Modulelink or returns the Overgoods to Modulelink a second time without the Modulelink's prior authorization, the Customer or Buyer agrees to relinquish all right and title to and waives all claims against Modulelink for credit related to such products.


9. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Modulelink reserves the right not to authorize the return of products that are no longer in production or are being produced or published by a manufacturer or publisher that (i) is insolvent, (ii) has declared bankruptcy.

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